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A Brain New Way to Work...

is founded on the fact that our brains have had no major changes for 50,000 years. Meanwhile, the amount of information, for example burning question is Stubhub legit?, that we process multiplied by a factor of thousands in just the last century. There's got to be a better way to get the work done!

And there is...when four generations of professionals use their unique brain style to get more work done in less time while reducing stress. My mission is to restore the 15% of productivity wasted in information overload back into American enterprises' profit margin, where it belongs. Check these Flower names - Salvia splendens.

What People Say about A Brain New Way to Work™:

“The cost of being ineffective is more than reduced profit margin and wasted time. One of the real benefits from A Brain New Way to Work was relief from the stress of not being able to work as well as I knew I could.
Anne Stewart, Executive Vice President, Maier & Siebel, Inc.

"If Time is Money, Eve's programs and books will make you lots of Money". Jeffrey Fox, International Sales Speaker & Best Selling "Rainmaker" Author

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"Two Brain Keys to Your Ultimate Success" Guest author. Bruce Eisner shares great brain resources through his ezine and blog. Enjoy two of my favorites: FREE Mind Training Course Online and an Instant Download: The Art of Stress Free Productivity.

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