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A Brain New Way to Work ™: The guide to using your brain style at work for better results with less stress.

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Section 1: This is Your Brain at Work

Human brains have not had any major structural change for about 50,000 years. What better reason to learn how to use your brain for better results with less stress? Meanwhile, in the 1900's the amount of information that we process multiplied by a factor of thousands (N.Y.Times). We simply are not designed to deal with it all. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health says a full eighty percent of all medical conditions are directly stress related!

Includes Tips Articles "Seven-Second Success Cues" "Pump Up Your Personal Best Power Hour," and "Human Circadian Timeline."

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Section 2: Overcoming Information Overload

Take advantage of your brain's hard-wiring to intake, process, and communicate at your personal best. Since seventy percent of American executives, managers and employees main job is finding even more information it makes managing everything even more difficult. In our information-saturated world it's increasingly stressful to decide what to take action on out of the countless demands for our attention and time.

Includes Tips Articles "Hot Questions to Melt Information Overload," "Working Your Info Zones," and "Triage Your Information or Else."

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Section 3: Victory Over Paper

Master proven brain tips to tune-up your paper management from inbox to archives. The average U.S. executive still wastes six weeks a year just shuffling through paper piles (The New York Times). Got better things to do with your time? Me, too! Iimagine what you could accomplish in business and life with six weeks more in every year. All that time can be yours by upgrading your paper management skills.In every cross-industry management survey in the last twenty years paper is a Top Ten Time Waster.

Includes Tips Articles "Hot Tips to Melt the Paper Blizzard," "Exit System or Overwhelm," and "1-2-3--Sort!"

Only $5.95

Section 4: Optimizing Your Computer Productivity

Your VAK brain style can easily be applied to increase your computing productivity with less stress. Since most of us have one hand in the paper world and the other in the electronic world, setting yourself up for optimum efficiency means blending your computer desktop with your paper systems. That makes it easier to remember where to put either kind of file as well as where to look for them. I promise that you need not be a techie to improve your computing with my tips.

Includes Tips Articles "Optimizing Your Computing," "Mastering E-mail," "Computer Clutter Clean-Up."

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Section 5: Optimizing Your Office for Productivity

American office workers spend an average of 20 minutes per day re-organizing their work spaces (Steelcase.com). To me that proves that they have not set up brain-friendly systems that work for them. System as in Save Your Self Time Energy & Money. We put it all together to create your personal best office/cubicle. You'll see illustrations and photos of Info Zones and paper management in action. Plus, examples of how to apply my proven tips whether youwork in an office or a cubicle.

Includes "Designing Your Personal Best Office" and "My Office Resources List" and "My Action Plan" Exercises.

Only $5.95

Section 6: Managing Your Activities and Time

Your brain-wiring determines your relationship to time: past, present, and future! Can you actually edit or alter time? Can you make a day with more than 24 hours in it? The point is that you cannot manage time. "What can you really manage?" Master the four secrets of real time management: 1) Environment, 2) Resources 3) Information, 4) Activities: when, how and where we choose to do what for whom. No matter whether your calendar is paper or a PDA these best practices will help you get better results.

Includes Tips Articles "Calendars & Scheduling," "Shorter Meetings for Better Results," and "Terminate Telephone Tag"

Only $5.95

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