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I've taken pearls from my brain-style productivity seminars and strung them together with an interactive pop quiz. Whether you need a keynote speech or a mini-workshop, I can combine and customize the programs below to match your needs exactly. You will walk away with immediately useful tips on how to work smarter instead of harder. Plus, the handouts are specially designed for follow-through tools.

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    VIDEO: Live Program Excerpts!
When are computers going to make it easier to work?
Technology alone doesn't increase productivity - People do. Take advantage of your brain's hard-wiring and use these e-mail tips to boost your performance, while reducing stress. Leave with enough tips to save an hour a day!
"Effective E-Mail" tips.
"Great presentation! Entertaining, and full of good tips that I can use starting tomorrow to be more productive."
                                                                                    Alison Takaki, American Society of Women Accountants

Is working harder for longer hours the key to success?
There is more information in one daily edition of the New York Times than a person who lived 100 years ago was exposed to in their lifetime. Discover how your brain really works; then use these proven tips to overcome your information overload.
                                                                                            "Hot Questions to Melt Information Overload"  tips
"Outstanding! Can you come to my workplace? We all could use your expertise more than you know."
                                            Lisa Santillan, at the Int'l Association of Administrative Professionals Conference

When are computers going to create a paperless office?
U.S. executives still waste six weeks a year looking through paper piles. Got better things to do with your time? Tune-up your office with a lively demonstration of paper organizing techniques and tools to conquer your in-box. You can get it all organized -- walk away with enough tips to save an hour a day.              "Hot Tips to Melt the Paper Blizzard"
"Excellent use of time. It was the most information filled hour I've attended at the lunchtime seminar series."
                                                                                                        Jim Art, Engineer, Lawrence Livermore Labs

How can you leverage your time to increase sales?
You'll leave with proven techniques for working more productively that you'll use immediately, including the Four Sales Ps and paper or e-mail tips. Eve helps you get organized so you optimize your sales success results —one client at a time.
"Now I spend less than one hour a day in the office, which immediately increased my client appointments to at least fifteen a week."                                                         Mark Fujiwara, Northwest Mutual, Global Financial Services

Do you often wish there were more than 24 hours in each day?
A new look at the age old problem. Everyone gets the same 24 hours, yet there is never enough time in the day and always more to do than you can get done! Boost your day-to-day effectiveness by learning the art of reverse priorities and new tools to make it work for you. "Personal Best Power Hour" tips.
"I learned a lot and heard a lot that I know but need to hear again. Thanks for a really informative session."
                                                                                                                        Helen L. Conroy, Attorney at Law

About Eve Abbott: Author, Speaker and People Productivity Expert
Since 1988, Eve Abbott has taught executives, managers and business owners how to work at least twenty-five percent more effectively through her programs and consultations. Ms. Abbott is the author of How to Do Space Age Work with a Stone Age Brain™. She earned her degree in Sociology and Psychology from the University of California and holds a Lifetime Adult Teaching Credential. Eve appears in New York Times, Working Woman and Home Office Computing articles. Her speaking engagements include S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc, the Prudential Real Estate and Institute for Management Consultants Conferences, and McGraw-Hill Publishing as well as hundreds of professional associations.

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