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Finding a new way to help reduce stress without paying a psychiatrist is always a good thing for over-worked and inevitably stressed professionals.

BBC News: Meditainment presents a 14 minute guided meditation called “The Secret Garden” at no charge. Whether you’re new or experienced in
meditation, you can expect this to work first time. After a
5 minute breathing exercise, you will follow a story where
you imagine relaxing on a hammock in your own Secret Garden.

Get your complimentary .

I especially recommend this online relaxation resource because the download is free so you can access it anytime on your computer.

As often as you want or need to take a few minutes to relax will restore oxygen to your brain and turn on the vagus nerve for more blood flow to the brain. You may be pleasantly surprised at the before-and-after difference!

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For many Americans, their Top Ten New Years Resolutions include less smoking and less drinking. You may change your resolutions after seeing these amazing images from Dr. Amen’s new book which show that an executive’s long-term, heavy use of nicotine and caffeine can be just as (or more) brain damaging as addicted illegal drug use!

I highly recommend his book, Dr. Daniel G. Amen is a neuroscientist and professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at the University of California, Irvine, as well as director of the Amen Clinics.
Keep your eyes peeled for Dr. Amen’s expertise on !

Why make it harder to succeed at work?

We only get one brain and cannot grow another one.
Remember to concentrate on changing one habit at a time.

Your brain will thank you!

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I am grateful to my friends and former clients sending me the latest info on the scams that can ruin your holidays or the New Year.

My friend “Z” wrote me to warn me about the experience they had while on vacation back East. She and her husband “A” were at a WALMART. Her husband noticed while he was signing the credit card authorization that $40.00 cash back was listed. He immediately told the cashier that he had not asked for nor did he want any cash back.

The cashier said “oh sorry that machine has been acting up.” Then, she corrected the transaction and reissued the receipt.

Number one fact: machines do not add on anything to your transaction — the cashier does. WALMART said they couldn’t see her pocketing the cash so there was nothing to do.

Solution: Always check your receipts before signing the authorization.
Never hesitate to question charges or anything you do not understand, no matter how long the line is waiting behind you.

A cashier can haul in thousands of dollars from hundreds of transactions they process in one shift. There is no way to recover your money because the receipt ’shows’ you asked for the cash back. Then it becomes a “they say VS you say” situation.

It is up to you to protect your self and your money every time you do a transaction.

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