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80 percent of the paper that we file at work is NEVER referred to again.  After one year that unnecessary document storage statistic increases to over 90 percent.

Eegads !! It’s no wonder we can’t find what we’re looking for. Use my paper retention tips to melt your paper blizzard at work and for tax-time at home.

Home Tax Audit records retention guideline tip:

Written documentation for each deduction: receipts, buy/sell/donate/yearly investment  statements, 1099s and/or W-2s, credit card/bank statements & checks.

After six years; Put actual tax filing papers and any essentials (W-2s/1099s into a permanent tax records archive. For details see:

Then, dispose of outdated backup documentation and SHRED.                      

If you turn your personal tax insurance and financial record shredding over to a company — make sure they will let you watch them shred your documents.

For more tips on records retention guidelines for work and personal documentation check out:  

If you don’t need it, why not dump it?

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Click here for my newest ezine  “Mastering Interruption Intervention”.

The following blog post is the best reason I’ve ever heard to keep photographs in your office. Not to mention your iPhone or whatever handheld you use.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I want to share some new research showing that  love can act as a powerful pain reducing brain drug. shows that the very sight of a loved one can ease your pain.

In the study, 25 couples in long-term relationships were brought to a lab, and the woman was subjected to a bearable but unpleasant burning pain.

Each woman was asked to rate her pain on a scale while holding her loved one’s hand. were surprised at the results.                (for full article click above)

“We indeed found that women holding their partner’s hand reported significantly less pain than holding a stranger’s hand or inanimate object,” said Master. “But what was really interesting was that we found equal results by using only photographs “. (Ed. of the beloved).

Surrounding yourself with pictures of your loved ones is  a simple, yet powerful way to help your brain and heart have a better performance day at work.

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Finding a new way to help reduce stress without paying a psychiatrist is always a good thing for over-worked and inevitably stressed professionals.

BBC News: Meditainment presents a 14 minute guided meditation called “The Secret Garden” at no charge. Whether you’re new or experienced in
meditation, you can expect this to work first time. After a
5 minute breathing exercise, you will follow a story where
you imagine relaxing on a hammock in your own Secret Garden.

Get your complimentary .

I especially recommend this online relaxation resource because the download is free so you can access it anytime on your computer.

As often as you want or need to take a few minutes to relax will restore oxygen to your brain and turn on the vagus nerve for more blood flow to the brain. You may be pleasantly surprised at the before-and-after difference!

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I am grateful to my friends and former clients sending me the latest info on the scams that can ruin your holidays or the New Year.

My friend “Z” wrote me to warn me about the experience they had while on vacation back East. She and her husband “A” were at a WALMART. Her husband noticed while he was signing the credit card authorization that $40.00 cash back was listed. He immediately told the cashier that he had not asked for nor did he want any cash back.

The cashier said “oh sorry that machine has been acting up.” Then, she corrected the transaction and reissued the receipt.

Number one fact: machines do not add on anything to your transaction — the cashier does. WALMART said they couldn’t see her pocketing the cash so there was nothing to do.

Solution: Always check your receipts before signing the authorization.
Never hesitate to question charges or anything you do not understand, no matter how long the line is waiting behind you.

A cashier can haul in thousands of dollars from hundreds of transactions they process in one shift. There is no way to recover your money because the receipt ’shows’ you asked for the cash back. Then it becomes a “they say VS you say” situation.

It is up to you to protect your self and your money every time you do a transaction.

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“Brain styles are an invisible diversity issue in the workplace,” Eve Abbott explains. Ian Moore’s eight-minute audio interview with Eve is for individuals who are interested in using their brain to overcome  information overload and improve time management. Plus, learning how to bridge brain style differences for better team performance.

 Brain Styles: Invisible Diversity Issue [7:48m]: | | Download
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This one-minute video introduces Eve Abbott with A Brain New Way to Work. Achieving peak performance with a 50,000 year old brain is bound to be challenging. Overcoming Information Overload is crucial to professional success in any industry. That’s why Eve called her book A Brain New Way to Worktm.

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Alan Stewart does a terrific podcast and blog on the challenges of ‘marketing’ for real people, from executives to business owners. Many of Alan’s interviews are with authors like Eve Abbott whose book,“A Brain New Way to Work” is an interactive guide with many images and photographs.

September 5, Epipod #12:

During the podcast

Listener comments:

“Wow! Not only are they right on, but I can hardly wait to get to the office and start applying some of it.”

 The Marketers Podcast, Epipod #12 [48:22m]: | |
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January 18, Epipod #25:
 and Changing Yourself.

Eve Abbott’s A Brain New Way to Work tips work for people who want to change their behavior or habits…no matter what time of year they decide is right.

Listener comments: 
“As always, Eve was an absolute delight. Her frank, straight to the point yet totally proactive, style is wonderful, and a great role model to try and emulate. Her comments had me constantly hitting the pause button on my iPod to quickly take notes.”

 The Marketers Podcast, Epipod #25 [75:49m]: | |
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At Heidi Miller’s blog, you will learn public speaking and display secrets from a master presenter. Many of Heidi’s interviews are with professional speakers.

Show Notes:

 Heidi Miller's Talk It Up! DSSP #26 [50:30m]: | |
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KQED National Public Radio: Mark Trautwein produces the “Perspectives” community service 2-minute program. Eve Abbott’s segment is from a special edition of the time-saving A Brain New Way to Work tm tips ezine, “

 KQED National Public Radio [2:20m]: | |
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This lively interview includes three segments with Eve Abbott on getting better results from your unique brain style at work while “Getting It All Done in a 24/7/365 World”. Your host is Bridget Beck of “Get Wise – Get Organized” on World Talk Radio.

 Standard Podcast [43:24m]: | | Download

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