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A Brain New Way to Work™
Performance and Productivity Webinars

This series of interactive one-hour webinars allows you can work with the best from your own desk! Eve provides real people solutions to the toughest challenges in our fast-paced and overloaded workplaces: Virtual Teams, Information, Paper, Computer, E-Mail, and Time Management. Plus, you get the exclusive education packet for each class loaded with immediately useful techniques as your follow-through tool.

Webinars on these topics are available for companies by arrangement.. Or you can have your employees sign up individually to sharpen the skills they need in today's information saturated workplace. Certificates are provided for documentation of completed classes.

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How could you be successful if half the people you work with wore earplugs and one third wore blindfolds?. Fact is, some people aren't seeing you and some aren't hearing you. Discover your winning information style with easy online interactive exercises. Use hard-wired learning styles to boost your own results, while reducing mistakes and stress.


'A Brain New Way to Work' means taking advantage of how you work best to excel in your activities. Use these immediately useful computing and email tips to boost your performance, with less stress. Plus, you'll work with a proven plan for your do-it-yourself email tune-up that can save you an hour a day.

New skills and systems are required to stay on top of today's workplace. Eve reveals dozens of practical tips in an extensive demonstration of paper management techniques and tools: from in-box to archives. You’ll customize a blueprint for improving your office systems with enough tips to save an hour a day.

Technology alone doesn't increase productivity - people do. Master the art of ever-changing priorities and how to get the most out of your Personal Power Hour. Learn the brain-based truth about real time management and new tools to make time work for you! Boost your day to day effectiveness no matter what planner/calendar system you use.

You'll leave this Power Sales Tune-Up with tips for working more productively that you will be able to use immediately. Eve helps you close more sales with the Four Sales Ps to move your contacts from prospects to profits while saving time and reducing your stress.

About Eve Abbott: Author, Speaker and People Performance Expert
Since 1988, Eve Abbott has taught thousands of executives and managers how to work at least twenty-five percent more effectively through her programs and consultations. Ms. Abbott is the author of A Brain New Way to Work TM. Eve earned her degree in Sociology and Psychology is from the University of California and she holds a Lifetime Adult Teaching Credential. Eve's expertise appears in Silicon Valley Business Journal and The
New York Times articles. Her clients range from corporations such as S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. to mid-sized Lotus Construction and Alameda County as well as countless professionals.

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